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How Can I Block All Porn Sites? To Save Our Children's Life With Using Simple Methods

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The website is an extraordinary assets capability to provide all kind of information to us. It has a collection of many WebPages interlinked to provide all details.In another hand, there are many porn websites, that provides many sexual videos and pictures. Most of the youngsters and children has affected from this illegal use of porn websites and spoil our valuable life. You may ask a question like how can I block websites? that means to block unwanted and block all porn sites.Many possible ways to block porn websites such as porn blocker software, DNS block porn etc.Now I will share the easiest method for block all porn sites.
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Two ways to block all porn sites:

Method 1: Block Porn Websites Using software:

The first method to block all porn sites using software name as DNSAngel software. This software automatically, block all porn sites by activating DNS button. Follow my simple steps and easy to block the unwanted sites.
Step 1: Download the software from
Block All Porn Sites
Step 2: Click and download the DNS Angle software.
Step 3: After downloading, now install the software double click the Exe file.
Step 4: Open the DnsAngel file you will see the following options.
The first top 2 rows option used to block porn sites. Bottom 2 rows used to unblock the sites.
Step 5: Block the porn sites, by click the first option.
Step 6: Then try to open the porn sites. Example go to the website (, now it’s blocked successfully.
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Method 2: Change the settings options via notepad

This is the manual method for block all porn sites and unwanted sites by using notepad. Let's go for the second method to block all porn sites what you don't need.
Step 1: Start?type notepad?open with Run as administrator.
Step 2: Now navigate to this folder using the following path. C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc.
Step 3: You will choose all file options available in bottom will see the following files.
Step 4: Open the Hosts file.
Step 5: Now you will block the YouTube, Facebook website enter the following lines at the end of the file.
Step 6: Save the file.
Step 7: Now open the website using any web browser. it’s successfully blocked.
Step 8: If You want to Unblock Go and remove the above and save again from that notepad file.


I am sharing more useful information is how to block all porn sites. I hope my methods and step by step procedure was more helpful and guidance for block all porn sites. You would like to block the unwanted websites try it above methods and block the sites and save our children's life.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Best Offline Dictionary App For Android To Gain Your knowledge[9 Apps Inside]

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Dictionary is a wonderful resource used to improve our knowledge and also develop our  vocabulary skills. Using the dictionary, you will know the absolute explanation of the particular word, synonyms, antonym, pronoun, disjunctive and some other information. Today all of them have Smartphones. Now we are discussing best offline dictionary app for android available in Google play. We are having a dictionary in a home for our reference but, it is not portable for taking anywhere. Sometimes we don’t know the meaning and related information for difficult words at that time we need a dictionary. Also during the conversation with your friends, studying, and some other situation. So our convenience Google has introduced free English dictionary android. Once you will download the free dictionary download for android available from Google Play, you can search the details about the related word when you stay in offline. It’s one of the excellent resources for upgrading our skills and easily portable and more user-friendly. Let's see the best offline dictionary app for android available in the market. There is many language dictionaries are available English dictionary android, Tamil meaning translation etc.

Top 9 Best Offline Dictionary App For Android:

Oxford Dictionary
Dictionary world web
Cambridge school dictionary TR
Merriam Webster
Dictionary Free
Urban dictionary
English dictionary Offline
LEO dictionary
Word net

Oxford Dictionary:

The most popular best free offline dictionary app for android is Oxford dictionary. The Android English dictionary covers 3,50,000 words, meaning for words and phrases. The best dictionary apps that contained 75,000-word pronunciations tips for most used common words and rarely used words. This information helps to pronounce the words. This dictionary enumerated with latest search words and sentences that enable to students, professionals, working employee and anybody who want to know the information about words. The home page design is more stylish. If you want to search the meaning for particular word just type the right-hand side, in a fraction of the second you will get the details. I referred this app is one of the best free offline app for android mobiles.

Dictionary world web:

The next famous and more user-friendly dictionary app for android is world web dictionary. The dictionary consists of 2,85,000 words and phrases and also has more than 70,000 examples appended into the words. The attractive features of the best offline dictionary app for android is you will misspell the words due to entering the dictionary enable to shows correct suggestions to them. The best dictionary apps that also has fast pattern matching, a suggestion to word spelling and alphabetical listing, etc. The dictionary android apps came with many languages such as north American, British, International English and Australian.  

Cambridge school dictionary TR:

The Cambridge school dictionary TR specially designed for school students. It’s more helpful for students for learning other subjects or topics through English. The best offline dictionary app for android that has consists of large amount of information in the field of medical, economics, etc. The dictionary application has plenty of art design based on your subjects. Using that diagrammatic design, students possible to understand the concepts more easily. This application more helpful for students how to pronounce the words easily. The best dictionary android app that has recent updated international GCSE topics.The application stores meaning of each word with clear definitions and grammar information. This is one of the best offline dictionary app for Android users.


The next dictionary android app is Merriam-Webster dictionary application. It’s more user-friendly because it’s enabling to give the separate interface for Smartphone and tablets. The best dictionary android apps have synonyms and antonyms and also give absolute meaning for all words. The unique features of the best offline dictionary app for android are you will search the word through your voice. The notable features of the dictionary mobile application guidance for how to pronounce the word correctly and also has consists of the current usage words. It also keeps the track of most visiting and interested words in your search and stores the example sentences for words it's used to understand the word more easily. This is also one of the best offline dictionary app for Android.

Dictionary Free:

The most widely used best offline dictionary app for android is The best dictionary app for android has many features such as Translator for transferring the word over 30 languages, blog that stores information about more the 300 topics, abbreviations, and acronyms for current trends. The local lookup features enable to recent searching word that near one. The audio pronunciation helps to spell the words accurate and stylish. It has more than 20, 00,000 words and definitions. It's more amazing best offline dictionary app for android. The dictionary android app that have stored the information about medical, financial and law sectors. The support 11 languages such as Spanish, French, English etc.

Urban dictionary:

The urban dictionary android apps available in Google play with free of cost. You want to download the dictionary from the URL dictionary android apps enable to unlimited search that means you will search any number of times with free of cost. The best offline dictionary app for android has kept the track of your search information, you will see the full text and examples for every word within the dictionary. The wonderful application programming (API) interface gifted to all by

English dictionary Offline:

We are discussing next dictionary android app is English dictionary. The English dictionary has kept more than 1, 72,000 words and 49,000 samples sentences and  more than 1,80,000 tenses. The best offline dictionary app for android have a total list of used and unused verbs in a day to day life. The dictionary mobile apps have consists of a game that name was “Hang On, man”. It enables to provide the interface for design the word lists for your searches. The android English dictionaries specially designed for English language only.Its stores lot of stories for English grammar and also learn the new words from the mobile application.

LEO dictionary:

LEO Dictionary is one of the best offline dictionary app for android. It’s available and working with online and also offline, based on user convenience. Its largest database for storing million words pairs with other languages such as English(7,93,000),polish(57,000),Spanish(2,01,000),Russian(2,28,000) and some other languages. The best dictionary app has normal features such as meaning, synonyms, grammar, conjunction tables, and antonyms. And also has additional features such as to search the similar meaning words named as orthographical. Using the dictionary mobile android app, you will possible to practice the various tests name called as a slide show. The wonderful multi-language dictionary apps produced by Leo GmbH.

Word net:

The next best offline dictionary app for android is word net, it was released by Princeton University. The dictionary mobile android app that has stores more the 1.4 million words. The best dictionary app that has many features compared to other that was to find genetic words called as Hypernyms, to search the subordinate words called as Hyponyms and meronyms used to find the part names. It has plenty of property of each word such as Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. The best offline dictionary   app for android available in Google play store  with free of cost.

Some Other Best offline dictionary app for Android:

  • Thesaurus
  • Color dictionary
  • Dictionary
  • Advanced English and thesaurus
  • Free dictionary org
  • Arcus dictionary
  • Offline Hindi dictionary
  • Law dictionary
  • Fora dictionary
  • QuickDic  offline dictionary


We are learned the most useful information for an android user is the best offline dictionary app for android. Goole play store can provide the lakh of apps for android users. Here some of the best dictionary app was listed above. Download and install the dictionary apps and upgrading your skills offline. 

Monday, 30 November 2015

How To Avoid Computer Eye Strain With Automatic Adjustment Of Your Computer Screen

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computer eye,gunnar lenses,treatment for eye strain
In our day to day life computer is an essential for everyone for a various purpose. In another hand, there are a lot of drawbacks are there while using the computers, tablets and mobiles. Particularly they have affected some physical problems like eye strain, mind depression, back pain etc. We are spending more time with our computers but, we are not concentrating on our health this is the true one. Here I am going to give some tips for avoiding computer eye strain by using automatic adjust screen software. Nowadays computer eye strain is one of the major drawbacks the reason for that your monitor brightness. To avoid your computer eye strain, you must reduce your screen brightness but, every time we are going to increase and decrease the screen brightness. otherwise, you need to put some Gunnar lenses for avoiding reflection and glare.Let's go for how to install the software and adjust your reflection to avoid computer eye Strain.
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How to reduce computer eye strain  and what causes eye strain:

While operating computer, tablets, mobile phones, our eyes become strained or dry after more time spend.To avoid this problem we go for computer eye software for adjusting your screen reflection automatically. This software changes your computer screen reflection and glare depends upon your location.Let's go for how to install and use this computer eye software.

Step 1: Download the software by clicking the link 
computer eye,gunnar lenses,treatment for eye strain
Step 2: After download install the software 
Step 3: After installation a small icon will appear at bottom taskbar click that icon and goto settings
computer eye,gunnar lenses,treatment for eye strain
Step 4: Give your current location latitude and longitude values on that search box if you don't know               your current location value and search from google.Ex(Latitude and Longitude of Erode,                     India, The value will be displayed like this 11.17N, 78.62E)
Step 5: After putting that values your current location will be displayed in the below map.That's all your current location was set.Now your Computer eye display will automatically adjust your screen depends on your location.
computer eye,gunnar lenses,treatment for eye strain
Note: Disable for one hour your flux for software doing some color sensitive work after that you want to enable

Problem Facing symptoms While Use Computer:

Redness in the eyes
Back or neck strain
Dry eyes

Tips For Avoiding Computer Eye Problems:

Do some simple exercise at morning
Rotate your eyes half an hour once[open eyes and close eyes]
Set your screen background color as green
Use comfortable chairs for a long time workers
Use some glasses I refer gunnar lenses
Use computer eye software above software
Maintain 50cm distance with your monitor


This information is useful for who are working a long time in the computer. The justgetflux software was automatically adjusted your computer monitor screen to avoid computer eye strain.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

How To Remove Virus From Pc Manually Without Antivirus Softwares[Two Methods Inside]

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how to remove virus from pc,how to remove viruses from computer
The virus can be spread easily to the computer from using the internet or installing any other device. Due to this virus infection, the data may be lost and also system speed will decrease.Let's how to overcome this virus problem means there are many possible ways are there. Here I will show how to remove virus from PC manually without antivirus software. The technology growth in a current century, they developed plenty of free antivirus software for protecting your system against the virus. Using antivirus software, which has some drawbacks. Because we need the internet connection for installation and updating your software and also it will take more time for updating. In another one, that software takes some amount of spaces from memory. For that reason, we want to uninstall antivirus software in your system. Now I will show how to remove virus from PC manually with some antivirus tools.

 Method 1: How To Remove Virus From PC Using Task Manager:

First easiest method to remove virus without antivirus software is Task Manager. The task manager kept the track of all programs running your system. So the first step, we will remove the virus program from Task manager. The task manager also infected from the virus at that situation you can download the free task manager from the following link Free Download Task Manager.Let's see how to remove virus from PC with step by step procedure 
Step 1: Open the Task Manager. [Shortcut keys for opening the task manager is CTRL+ALT+DELETE]
how to remove virus from pc,how to remove viruses from computer
Step 2: Click the processes option. It’s will shows all virus program reside in your memory.
Step 3: Now we will choose and kill the viruses. Somebody don’t know what the processes that are running in your computer that is used by a virus.  Sometimes the file that is used by the virus was Wscript.exc files. To kill the virus programs go and select process then click end process. Now You will delete the all virus program same as above procedure.
how to remove virus from pc,how to remove viruses from computer

Method 2: How To Remove Virus From PC using CMD prompt

Step 1: Open the command prompt. Start button->run->type cmd then command prompt will appear.[shortcut keys for opening the cmd was window key+R]
how to remove virus from pc,how to remove viruses from computer
Step 2:  Move to the location where the virus program resided in your computer. [Example: I will move the  location C]
Step 3: And then type the following command to display all hidden virus files reside in location D.
dir /ah
how to remove virus from pc,how to remove viruses from computer
Step 4: To identify the virus file that will be deleted. See autorun.inf  file then recognizes the name of the virus. You do not recognize which is virus file follow my command. Let's assume the autorun.inf located in local disk C. Now open the file using the following command.
 Notepad c:/autorun.inf
how to remove virus from pc,how to remove viruses from computer
You will see the above image open=command in autorun.inf, then that’s virus name. Now we easily identify the viruses.
Step 5: Next step we will find the hidden virus file. Actually virus files are invisible now we will use the command to find the hidden virus file.
attrib –s –h “filename” /s /d   [file name is name for the virus file]
Step 6: Delete the file using the following command.
del “filename” /f    [f means force to delete the virus file]
Step 7: After applying above command the virus file deleted successfully. The is one of the best procedure for how to remove viruses from PC.


Today we are discussing an essential information is how to remove the virus from PC without antivirus. Now uninstall your antivirus software when you have deeper knowledge about above command. Using the above simple command, you will delete the viruses manually. I hope the information is helpful to all of them.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Create A Single Scheduled Shutdown Button On Your Desktop By Using Notepad Commends

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scheduled shutdown
Hi friends today I will show and share more interesting topic is scheduled shutdown using notepad trick. Normally you will showdown the system by using ALT+F4 option or using start window option and click showdown option. but, this all are well known and using the methods usually. In another hand, there are many ways to shut down your system in different styles. Here I will share a new method called scheduled shutdown that means you will fix the time for system shutdown. At the end of the duration, the system will be halting automatically. It’s a simple process just create a single button icon on you desktop by using notepad tricks. Just press that icon the system automatically shut down at the time end. It’s more amazing method for shutdown your system easily. Let's go for interesting creation scheduled shutdown button using notepad tricks.
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Steps for scheduled shutdown using notepad tricks:

Step 1: First step you will open the notepad type the following Command.
Shutdown.exe /s /t 20 [After 20 seconds the system will shutdown]
Step 2: Save the file .bat extension. (Example I will save the file showdown.bat)
Step 3: Next you will right click the bat file, click the desktop (create shortcut key) option.
Step 4: Now the shortcut keys for showdown button created. Next you will right click the shortcut button. (Right click -> properties->change icon)
Step 5: After choosing button, click ok button. And then apply ok. After finishing above step your .bat file icon changed by selected icon format.

Step 6: Now single click the showdown button, your system automatically showdown successfully.


I am sharing more amazing information that is scheduled shutdown using notepad trick. This is the easy way to shutdown your system easily without any problem.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How To Lock Your Folder Without Any Software By Using Lock Folder Free Method

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We are storing more important and sensitive information such as bank credit card details, account details, photos, and any other important personal information in our computer. Sometimes your laptop is stolen by someone So to avoid that situation you must protect your data from unauthorized users. Nowadays plenty of software’s and applications are available for secure our data. In another hand, I will show you a simple method for lock folder free method without using any software. Now I will share and show you, how to lock folder free without using any application or software to secure your data.

Steps to lock folder free without using any software's:

Step 1:  Download the code from the internet just types locker.bat file in your browser else copies the bellow code.  
title Folder Private
if EXIST "HTG Locker" goto UNLOCK
if NOT EXIST Private goto MDLOCKER
echo Are you sure you want to lock the folder(Y/N)
set/p "cho=>"
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid choice.
ren Private "HTG Locker"
attrib +h +s "HTG Locker"
echo Folder locked
goto End
echo Enter password to unlock the folder
set/p "pass=>"
attrib -h -s "HTG Locker"
ren "HTG Locker" Private
echo Folder Unlocked successfully
goto End
echo Invalid password
goto end
md Private
echo Private created successfully
goto End

Step 2: Save the file into filename.bat extension store the batch file at any location your wish (example: I will save the lock.bat file in desktop).
Step 3: Now you will open and edit the .bat file you will change the PASSWORD-GOES-HERE line. At the line, you will enter the password and then save the bat file.
Step 4: Next step you will create the new folder and move the lock.bat file inside that new folder.
Step 5: Double click the lcok.bat file, one directory will be created. (In below image private directory will be created inside the new folder)
Step 6: Create the file you want to protect it.( I will create the file name as TechnoTday)
Step 7: Run the lock.bat file then it will show the command prompt box. From that, you will press the “y”. After entering the key, the file will be hidden.

Step 8: That's all your file will be protected now.

How to see the protected file when I am needed?

The above procedure is used to lock your folder without any software. The hidden files are not seen by anyone. If You want to see your hidden files follow my simple steps.
Step 1: Just run the lock.bat file again. 
Step 2: Enter the correct password for the locked file now your hidden file will be changed into view status (You will see the hidden private file will appear in the below image). This is one of the best methods for lock folder free when you need.


Today we are discussing more details about how to lock folder free without using any software. It is one of the excellent methods for security provides over the folder. I don’t use any locking folder software instead used notepad with some code hide the folder from third party views more easily. I hope my step by step procedure enable to guidance for all of them who want a password to protect their folders.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How to Use the Truecaller for Find the Unknown Callers And Block Callers

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how to use true caller ,true caller for mobile
The technology gave plenty of application to Android users for various purposes. One of the excellent and more useful applications is True caller apps. Today I will share about how to use the true caller apps in your Android mobile. True caller is named implies that to find the unknown caller name. Nowadays many of the service providers offered free SIM or offered many discounts with low cost. So these reason unknown persons are misused the number send to undisguised or missed calls to us. To avoid the unknown calls we need some application or tools for tracing and blocking the calls came from an unknown number. So this purpose the true caller Scandinavia AB has developed the true caller for a mobile application. The main motto of the application is to find out the name and tracking location who is calling unknown number. You would like to block the calls also easily. Now we are discussing how to use true caller application and also how to check the unknown number in detail.
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How to use the true caller in android mobile:

Step 1: First step you will type the true caller website URL is in the label.
Step 2: The web page has shown many links, just click the first link. The true caller home page will appear. then you want to download the apps in your Android mobile.
Step 3: Enter the unknown mobile number, you want search find the name and track the location.
Step 4: And then click the search button.
Step 5: The application will show the name and location of who is calling to your mobile.

How the true caller application working?

how to use true caller ,true caller for mobile
True caller not only stored your mobile contacts it's synchronized all contacts who are download and use the true caller application from social networking sites, mobile apps, SMS sites, etc. It’s one of the most interesting apps for finding unknown numbers. How is it possible?Your friends and relations or anyone who can be using true caller application, they registered their name to a true caller. If an unknown call came from your mobile that will display the name and location from True caller database. The true caller is a very large database to display the name stored in that mobile number.

How to use the true caller in your PC using Blue stacks:

Now we are discussing the true caller PC. You would like to install the true caller to your laptop or PC for windows/MAC OS/ any platform just follow my simple steps. First install the blue stacks app player because true caller PC version not released yet.
Step 1: First step you will download and install the blue stacks, android emulator. Just type the URL is in the address bar.
Step 2: After successful installation of the blue stacks android emulator. You have an internet connection just open and type the true caller in the search box.
Step 3: Next click and install the true caller PC application 
Step 4: After some fraction of time true caller can be automatically installed within Blue Stacks.

How to use the true caller in your PC using APK file:

Step 1: Go to Google search engine you will type the link download true caller.apk file.
Step 2: Double click the apk file, open with blue stacks android emulator manually.
Step 3: And then it takes some fraction of time the blue stacks can be installed inside in the apk file.
Step 4: Next you will go to search the true caller application inside in the Blue Stacks.
Step 5: Click and download the true caller application install the application successfully.
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Benefits for true caller online:

o True caller android application is one of the open source free software.
o The incoming call came from anyone user, the true caller application searches the database the           call match into your mobile contacts.
o You would like to block the numbers came from the unknown number.
o The true caller application enables to show the land line number details also.
o The application should synchronize with global (worldwide).So we will get the details about any         foreign calls came from the mobile phone.
o You would like to link your mobile contacts into social networks. You must sign in Facebook,             Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc.


Today we have discussed  how to use the true caller to find and block the unknown numbers in android mobile in detail. This information more helpful and guidance for download for who want to install the true caller apps for both android and PC also.