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How to recovering file from shortcut virus and Recovering deleted files

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Recovering File from Shortcut Virus:

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In this current century we want to know some information or current update we can access the internet, for gain our knowledge. Once we gather the information from web or any other resource it will be store to some memory devices like hard disk, pen drive, primary and secondary memory, etc., for the  future purpose. These storage devices easily infected by dangerous one that name is called Virus. You may ask what is computer virus? Virus is a software program that consists of set of code that can be replicates itself. Computer virus is dangerous one even that delete the data at all contents in the hard disk memory.In rest of the content we are going to see about what is shortcut virus and how to recover file from the shortcut virus. 

What is shortcut virus?

Nowadays new type of virus came that name Shortcut virus. It’s automatically changes your files into shortcut file. Sometimes this type of shortcut virus not to be detected by antivirus software otherwise once the software can detect the infected file means it’s automatically removing the file from the memory. But we should need those particular data file we need to be removing the shortcut and recovering the file.

Method for Remove Shortcut virus from pen drive:

pen drive shortcut virus recovery
In pen drive virus can be removed by two methods.

Method 1:-Using Command Prompt:

Step 1:
First we can connect USB or pen drive into our system.
Step 2:
Click Start button.
Step 3:
Search and open the Command prompt (cmd) window. Block color screen that can be appear. Or press shortcut key for open CMD (window key + R).
Step 4:
Type the following command in cmd prompt window
Attrib –h –r –a /s/d Driver name: \*.* 
Step 5:
 Next open the Pen drive, erase all unwanted files.
Step 6:
Copy all the files and place into the outside folder. At end remove unwanted files recovering the necessary files.

Method 2:-Using Software:

USBfix is one of the most widely used software available for shortcut virus recover tool. It’s mainly designed for recovering original file that is virus infected files especially from USB sticks and Hard disk and also restoring virus infected files into the original file to the location.
Working procedure:
Step 1:
Download USB fix shortcut virus recover tool installed to your system.
Step 2:
Next you can connect which device you want to remove the virus (pen drive, USB).
Step 3:
Then click the option Deletion in USB software delete all shortcut virus in attached device.
Step 4:
At last restart your system.

Method for Remove Shortcut virus from computer/hard disk:

Removing virus from computer is more risk than pen drive and USB drive, because computer has larger memory compare to other device. Let’s see following methods to remove shortcut virus from your system.

Method 1:-Using CMD:

In computer, files infected by virus means you can try to remove virus using CMD method explained same as above.

Method 2:-Using .bat file

Using CMD method shortcut virus removed by one by one, but .bat file is like an execution file just simply open the notepad type the command using one step remove shortcut virus in whole system.
Step 1:
Initially open the notepad must be saved in the desktop along with name remove virus.bat.
Step 2:
Type the following command
@echo off
Attrib –h –r –a /s /d driver name: \*.*
Attrib –h –r –a /s /d driver name: \*.*
Attrib –h –r –a /s /d driver name: \*.*
@echo complete
Step 3:
Then double clicks the .bat file it can be execute and remove all shortcut viruses from our drives.

Method 3:-shortcut virus Remover:

Above the 2 methods just remove the virus not a folder. You want remove folder also, then need extra time for removing infected virus folder. But using the shortcut virus remover tool removes both virus and folder manually.
Manu shortcut virus remover tool available today. Some of the tools listed below.
  • McAfee Stinger 
  • Klez Removal Tool
  • Bugbear Removal Tool

Deleted file Recovery:

Next moving to go about how to recover deleted files in computer. Once file can delete, it can be move to recycle bin. File can accidently erased in bin the deleted file placed into the hard disk. So using Data Recovery software recovered the file. Nowadays Free data recovery software available today. Best data recovery software can be listed below.
  • Pandora Recovery
  • Wise Data Recovery
  • Recuva
  • Soft Perfect File recovery
  • Puran File Recovery

Guidelines for avoiding virus:

  • Cannot open pen drive or USB without Scanning.
  • Installed Antivirus program to the System and also keep update latest version every time.
  • When does not have any antivirus software in your system no need to connect any Device to               your system.
  • Only used licensed software avoids third party software’s.
  • Can’t open any harmed websites. 

Virus replication Technique:

Virus can be reside following any one the techniques
  1. Binary Executable file (.EXE  OR .COM)
  2. Data Files (Word Document OR Pdf  file)
  3. Boot Sector
Based on above strategies virus can be residing any one of the files, due to this original data can be lost. For recovering the system from virus many antivirus software has been released in internet. Due to the competition in market many company could launched free antivirus software in online.

What is the purpose of the antivirus?

When a new application can be run first time in the system, the antivirus software ability to scan the entire system and memory device. The application can be already corrupted by Virus then the antivirus software detect and remove the infected virus files prevent the system from harmful attack. 
Many Free Anti Virus software available today these are listed below.
Top 10 Best free Antivirus Software
  1. Panda Free Antivirus 2015
  2. ESET Smart Security 8
  3. Bit defender Antivirus Free Edition 2014
  4. Malware Bytes Anti-Exploit Fee
  5. Avast Free Antivirus 2015
  6. AVG free antivirus 2015
  7. Como do Antivirus 8
  8. Ad-aware Free Antivirus +11
  9. Microsoft security Essentials
  10. Avira  Free Antivirus
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