Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Top 10 Website For Send Free Message Online To The Mobile Phones

Posted by Gopala Krishnan

Today we are know about top 10 free website for send free message online to mobile phones. Short message service (SMS) is one of the pleasant communications between the users. Using message everyone should express our feelings, thoughts with more safe. Another perspective in current century youngsters all of them using Smartphone for chatting with friends anywhere anyplace using internet. Many free applications such as hike, we chat, Whatsapp enable for communication with buddies, family members etc but these applications need for internet connection both side with cost. The main motivation for using send free message online websites list  is to sending message to free of cost and also send unlimited messages anywhere.  The Important factor for using website for message communication is no need to have internet for both side of  the sender sender and receiver. Once user has registered the details with website you have to send the messages any mobile phones.Here i enlisted the top 10 websites send free message online to mobile phone in my point of view.

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Top 10 website for Send Free Message Online :

  • Way2SMS
  • Sms440
  • BulkSmsIndia.com
  • 160by2
  • SlideSms
  • Gizmosms
  • SMSfun
  • Textmefree
  • MySMSIndia
  • Atrochatro

One of the most popularly used website for sending message is Way2SMS.The attraction feature of the website is deliver the message within 10 seconds. Another feature of the website is creating contact list and also enable to create a group contacts for sending group message instant of time also send free quotes to your friends. Using way2SMS possible to chat Google, yahoo and Gtalk friends successfully. The language supported for communication is Telungu, English, and Hindi. The website offers free recharge and also wins some gifts. One of the drawbacks of this website sending SMS in India only. Another drawback is send limited SMS for day.

160By2 SMS:

160By2 SMS free message sites site was excellent website for send free message online to mobile phones.It Provides the better service across all over India. Similarly like as way2sms. it’s also enable best deliver reports and user convenient interface to the users.  The important feature of the website is sending personal message to persons. The Personal message length up to 80 characters long. Textual message length up to 140 characters. It’s also provide more security terms of using website send message to  the user those user already  registered the website. Using 160By2 Website promotes our business product through advertisements.

SMS 440:

Another one of the free website for sending unlimited message is SMS 440.The character length for sending message is 440 characters possible to send bulk of message .it also enable send to group message to your friends. User can send message to any language it doesn’t show any problem because user can view the message using language converter for translating our message. The excellent feature of the free website is way to transferring the message is fast.i hope this is one of the best website for send free message online.


BulkSMS the name implies it possible to send large number message at single press of the mouse button. The free website used by most of the company, industries, enterprises for promoting our product send advertisement message to our entire customer. The more interesting feature of the website is once you can register BulkSMS website and subscribe the bank, transport and purchase product in website you can receive the message using alert box. It supports message length up to 459 characters.


The next send free Message online site is SlideSMS. It enables to send message to worldwide. The main motivation this website for sending message to your friends, relatives, family member anywhere, any place in the world. It offers unlimited free of message. If you want send bulk Sms for business you will pay some amount of money for corresponding website. It is one of the worthy and authenticated website so you can send the message to worldwide to use the SlideSMS website you will get benefits. The impressive feature of the international website is to send message directly no need to register the website.


Another international free message sites is GizmoSMS website. It supports 215 different service providers for sending message. It possible to send the message 64 countries worldwide. This website also sends message directly no registration necessary for sending message. If you know the receiver mobile number, country code you will send the message immediately. It’s one of the excellent fast and trusted delivery response website. The length of the message length just 80 character only and also attaches advertisements for each message.


The next free Sms send site is SMSFun website. The name implies that it possible to send message in the form of birthday text message, best quote, poem, poetry, and punch to your friends. The length of sending message is160 character and less than 160.it is one of the suitable formats of sending message to receipt. To touch with your friends and relatives worldwide the website is available. In this website you can recharge your cell phone. The SMSFun website to send the message unlimited to worldwide.


One of the important free sites for sending message is TextMeFree website. This website is international website to send free message online to worldwide. No need to register before sending the message to your friends. Just open the website enter the mobile number and country code for your friends type the message after you can single click the mouse button your message send your receipts instantly. Using this website you can send best SMS quote, poem, birthday greetings etc…to your friends, relatives, and family members.


Next we are discussing free message sites for sending message is MySMSIndia website. Using this website you want able to send bulk of message. It is one of the unlimited free websites for sending message to anyplace anywhere with free of cost. In this website excel software available for software download section. If you want to need free software you can visit the website. BulkSMS service mainly used for business marketing for increase our product sale using advertisements. The unique feature of the website is support Varity of local language.i think this is the best website for send free message online to mobile phones.


The last interesting free message sites is Atrochatro. The excellent feature of this website is any festivals or your friends, relative’s birthday or marriage  if you can  send the message at particular time then choose greeting card, jokes any funny message or type your message after you can set the time and date ,the message will be send at destination automatically. The website has stores large number latest hit songs. You want to need the songs easy to download the songs from website. Another important feature of the website is possibly sent the message to any GSM, CDMA mobile.


The given top 10  websites are very useful for those who want to send free message online . I think this information helpful for all of them. You can visit the above listed website and gets free recharge offers to send unlimited message to all.


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