Friday, 27 November 2015

Create A Single Scheduled Shutdown Button On Your Desktop By Using Notepad Commends

Posted by Gopala Krishnan
scheduled shutdown
Hi friends today I will show and share more interesting topic is scheduled shutdown using notepad trick. Normally you will showdown the system by using ALT+F4 option or using start window option and click showdown option. but, this all are well known and using the methods usually. In another hand, there are many ways to shut down your system in different styles. Here I will share a new method called scheduled shutdown that means you will fix the time for system shutdown. At the end of the duration, the system will be halting automatically. It’s a simple process just create a single button icon on you desktop by using notepad tricks. Just press that icon the system automatically shut down at the time end. It’s more amazing method for shutdown your system easily. Let's go for interesting creation scheduled shutdown button using notepad tricks.
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Steps for scheduled shutdown using notepad tricks:

Step 1: First step you will open the notepad type the following Command.
Shutdown.exe /s /t 20 [After 20 seconds the system will shutdown]
Step 2: Save the file .bat extension. (Example I will save the file showdown.bat)
Step 3: Next you will right click the bat file, click the desktop (create shortcut key) option.
Step 4: Now the shortcut keys for showdown button created. Next you will right click the shortcut button. (Right click -> properties->change icon)
Step 5: After choosing button, click ok button. And then apply ok. After finishing above step your .bat file icon changed by selected icon format.

Step 6: Now single click the showdown button, your system automatically showdown successfully.


I am sharing more amazing information that is scheduled shutdown using notepad trick. This is the easy way to shutdown your system easily without any problem.


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