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6 Best Android App For finding a lost Phone With Step By Step Procedures Inside

Posted by Gopala Krishnan

finding a lost phone ,track my lost mobile
Friends, today I will share with some more useful android apps that explain, how to finding a lost phone by doing simple steps.We all are working somewhere and will be in some busy schedule at that we may not concentrate on our mobile phones. Unfortunately, we forgot or missing our mobile phones somewhere. In the initial version of mobile phones does not have any features to finding a mobile phone. Once your mobile was stolen or missing, you cannot find missing mobile. Nowadays it's an easy one. If you are lost your android smartphones don't worry about that, this is the right solution for finding a lost mobile phone easily. At the same time to trace the Smartphone is the must when the android phone was stolen or missing because it’s more costly. So many android apps for designed to track your lost phone. Here I will list the best android app for finding a lost phone.

Top 6 free android apps for finding a lost phone:

  •   Seekdroid
  •   Plan B 
  •   Locate my droid
  •   Cerberus
  •   Android device manager
  •   Whistle& find phone finder


track my lost mobile,finding a lost phone

One of the interesting applications to finding a lost phone is Seek Droid. This application specially designed for android mobile phones to track your lost phone. The very important feature of this app is easy to navigate the mobile location very easily. Also trace the complete history of all incoming and outgoing calls in the mobile does not plug sim in your mobile device. It has a normal android app for receive alert using short message service and ring alert when to navigate or moving in other location. This lost phone tracking apps has additional features for maintaining a single account for handling plenty of devices.

Plan B:

track my lost mobile,finding a lost phone

Plan B is the wonderful android apps for track your lost phone. Your mobile is missing at the time you don’t have installed any software or apps  in your mobile then Plan B finding  phone apps to helpful for you. How it possible? The Plan B android apps that enable the GPS services to send the notification to your Gmail account about your mobile current location. And also update the mobile location every 10 minutes. The app has 2 possible ways to find a stolen mobile. The first option if you have an internet connection the app will automatically send the message about mobile “location” with the help of GPSconnection and send your mobile location to your Gmail. If you don’t have any internet connection the app will just send the text message only. This is one of the best free android apps for finding a lost phone.

Locate my Droid:

track my lost mobile,finding a lost phone

The next free android apps for finding a lost phone has located my Droid. The awesome feature of this finding phone app is to locate your location accurately. The application has 2 methods to ringing your mobile when the mobile was silent mode
Method 1: Using text message
You can send the “ring attention” message to your lost mobile automatically by enable  start ringing option.
Method 2: Using Commander
Just do this following procedure for finding a lost phone.
Step 1: log in commander
Step 2: It has many options you can click “find” option it will ask the stolen mobile device name
Step 3: Next you can click the “ring “tab make enable the “make device ring“ option
Step 4: Your mobile will start ringing. 


track my lost mobile,finding a lost phone

Next we are discussing more famous app to find my phone is Cerberus. It has some advanced methods to finding a lost mobile. Using this application, you can possible to receive the notification when an SIM card changes your mobile device, the method name as SIM card finder. And also locate the mobile location very easily with the help of online. The amazing feature of this app was anyone not possible to view the apps installation it’s entirely hidden from other views. The finding lost phone android app you can enable the security over your memory data using locking schemes. 

Android device manager:

track my lost mobile,finding a lost phone

This is one of  the best android app for finding a lost phone is android device manager. In this app, there are two important features are inbuilt in the android device manager. The first feature is that the mobile phone was missed in walking distance the apps enabled to send a ringtone with maximum volume when the mobile phone kept with silent mode. The mobile phone is missing any long location the apps enabled to trace location on mobile navigation using map. The second feature of this app you can ensures the security over the important files stored in your mobile device no one can misuse our information.

Whistle android finder:

track my lost mobile,finding a lost phone

 The Google play has a lot of free apps for finding a lost phone. Whistle phone finder is one of the useful apps for tracks your lost phone. The attractive feature of this app is to maintain the battery power a long time. The apps are more users friendly, you can set the sensitivity of volume level based on user preference. You can enable the audio sound for your notification. The unique feature of this app its has embedded updated flashlight features, notification and apps storage hidden by external user etc. The apps consist of more than 10 different variety of sounds to enable the notification.


Finally, I concluded that  I  am sharing the more useful information is what are the android apps available for finding a lost phone.  All the above android apps available in Google with free of cost. Everyone must install the free lost phone tracking apps are very useful when missing the mobile phone.


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