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How To Make A Game With Notepad By Using Simple Notepad Programs-Create Your Own Games

Posted by Gopala Krishnan
how to make a game with notepad ,notepad programs
Notepad is one of the best editors for editing your documents easily. Compare to the other document editor notepad application is one of the best because you can open and close the documents within a second. The main reason is the notepad program memory size is very low. We all know the notepad is document editor but, using notepad we are going to make a game by using Notepad programs. Just you create the simple programs and save it into the batch files.Playing gaming is one the interesting area for all of us but developing game is somewhat difficult. Here I am going to explain how to make a game with using notepad by using simple notepad programs. Using notepad application, you can create your own puzzle games. After that, you can save into batch files and run the Notepad programs successfully. Let's go for the program creation?just follow the instructions.

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Notepad game creation  by using notepad programs:

you can put this code in your normal notepad or notepad 7 and alos you can use notepad ++ editors.
Step 1: Just open the anyone notepad editor
Step 2: Copy the following notepad programs to your notepad

@echo off
color A0
echo Hey Buddy! Welcome to the TECHNOTODAY game session!
echo 1)Start
echo 2)How to play
echo 3)Exit
set /p number=
if %number% == 1 goto startgame
if %number% == 2 goto help
if %number% == goto exit
echo type your name here:
set /p name=
echo Hello %name%
echo Do you want to start the game? (y/n)
set /p start=
if %start% == y goto level1
if %start% == n goto menu
goto startgame
echo press the number of the answer then hit enter.
echo go back? (y/n)
set /p menugoto=
if %menugoto% == y goto menu
if %menugoto% == n goto exit
goto help
goto exit
echo ok, Le us go for the puzzle!
 echo If marry's daughter is my daughter's mother, what am I to Marry?
echo 1 Grandmother
echo 2 Mother
echo 3 Daughter
echo 4 Granddaughter
echo 5 I am Marry 
set /p answer1=
if %answer1% == 1 goto wrong1
if %answer1% == 2 goto wrong1
if %answer1% == 3 goto correct1
if %answer1% == 4 goto wrong1
if %answer1% == 5 goto wrong1
goto level1
echo good job! you are right! Next Level?(y/n)
set /p NL1=
if %NL1% == y goto level2
if %NL1% == n goto menu
goto correct1
echo so sad! you are wrong buddy.Retry? (y/n)
set /p WA1=
if %WA1% == y goto level1
if %WA1% == n goto menu
goto wrong1
echo If you take 3 apples from a group of 5, how many do you have?
echo 1 2Apples
echo 2 5Apples
echo 3 4Apples
echo 4 3Apples
set /p aa=
if %aa% == 1 goto wrong2
if %aa% == 2 goto wrong2
if %aa% == 3 goto wrong2
if %aa% == 4 goto correct2
goto level2
echo Congratz! YOU WIN THE Game!
goto correct2
echo SORRY! You Lost!retry gmae? (y/n)
set /p retry=
if %retry% == y goto level1
if %retry% == n goto exit

Step 3: Goto the file->Save as-> now create and save the file name with .bat extension. Example(Technotoday.bat)
Note : (.bat)means batch files
Step 4: Now one icon will appear on the specified saved location.go and double click that file
Step 5: That's all your notepad programs are ready to play
Here i was created only two levels, if you want to creat more levels copy you can add the levels by using the above similar level1 and level2. Many school and colleges are conducting the technical fuctions at that time we are creating our own puzzles with our own names by using the simple notepad programs. Also you can change the notepad background colors and fonts colors by set the value at the second line of the above notepad can change the color codes by using the following color codes
Color Codes:
 0 = Black       8 = Gray
 1 = Blue         9 = Light Blue
 2 = Green      A = Light Green
 3 = Aqua       B = Light Aqua
 4 = Red         C = Light Red
 5 = Purple     D = Light Purple
 6 = Yellow    E = Light Yellow
 7 = White      F = Bright White
Example if you put A1 means here A is an background color and 1 is an font color was disaplayed.
how to make a game with notepad ,notepad programs


The playing game is very easy and the  creating game is difficult one. Here we are discused about how to create a game with notepad by using a notepad programs. You have to create your one puzzle in your own way.


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