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How to unlock android lock pattern after trailing many attempt of failure

Posted by Gopala Krishnan
how to unlock a locked android phone , Unloack android lock pattern

Hi, friends. Now I will share and show about how to unlock android lock pattern. The smartphone is one of the advanced technology gifts for all of us. We are using Smartphone for a variety of the purpose such as gaming, video chatting, text chatting, taking photos etc.  Not only for this purpose the other important field such as money transfer, online recharge, ticket reservation from our home itself. The important thing in  android is secure for storing your sensitivity information(data). You may raise a question like how to protect android mobile? The are two ways for secure your data. The first way you can set the password using numbers, alphabets. The second way is using pattern lock. Which method is best to lock the android mobiles? Am saying both methods are best to secure your mobile, but best for the locked pattern method has precedence over setting password because we are easily forgotten the password compared to pattern lock. Pattern lock is easy to remembering in some cases you forgot the lock pattern our work tension or some other reason, somebody feels how to unlock the locked android mobile.  Don’t worry about it. Now I will show the methods to unlock android lock pattern. This information guidance for who don’t know about how to reset to a locked android phone.

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 4 Different Methods To Unlock Android Lock Pattern:

#1Method: Using internet connection to unlock android lock pattern(Without losing data):

If your mobile pattern is locked, you will try to attempt many times. But you cannot remember the pattern means, In this case how to reset a locked android mobile? Yes, by  using an internet connection to unlock android lock pattern.  If you have an internet connection, just follow my simple steps to unlock android lock pattern.
Step 1: you will trail and apply the 5 different patterns within 30  minutes.
Step 2: You will receive the message “you have incorrectly drawn, you unlock pattern 5 times please try again in 30 minutes” after attempting 5 times.
Step 3: You will possible to see the message “forgotten password” after 30 minutes.
Step 4: Now, you have to click the forgotten password option
Step 5: Next, it will ask your registered username and password.
Step 6: Just enter the details
Step 7: After entering the username and password it will show the option is “reset the pattern lock”
Step 8: Now you will set the new pattern and use the mobile successfully.

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# 2 Method: Without internet connection to unlock android lock pattern(Lose Your all data):

The second method is unlock android lock pattern without an internet connection. Some situation you don’t have the internet connection you don’t feel about it. The solution will be available below how to unlock the locked android phone without internet facility .Follow my simple steps.
Step 1: First you will switch off of your mobile.
Step 2: Next you will click and hold it up volume key.
Step 3: Now click and hold it Home Button.
Step 4: Next hold the power button and release it until the mobile will start.
Step 5: Next more important option you will see “android secret menu” at this time.
Step 6: And then you will click and hold the home button up and down menu.
Step 7: Next you will see the option delete all user data.
Step 8: After finishing above steps your mobile successfully started.
# 3 Method : Using factory method to unlock android lock pattern(lose data):

Next we will discuss third method to unlock android lock pattern is factory method. It is a lossy method that means you cannot recover all data, the data will be lost. You would like to recover all data from mobile, this method not suitable.
Step 1: First step you will switch off your android mobile.
Step 2: Next step you will hold “power key+ volume key” at the same time until the mobile will boot on to “recovery mode”.
Step 3: After opening recovery mode the next option “factory data reset” option you will press “yes”.
Step 4: Next you will choose “wipe cache partition”.
Step 5: Now you will rebooting your phone after finishing above steps.
Step 6: Your android mobile now starting successfully from the fault.

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# 4 Method : Unlock android lock pattern using Aroma file manager(Without lose data):

The last and best method to unlock android lock pattern is Aroma file manager. Using this method you can recover all data within your mobile its one of the lossless method. You would like to recover all kind of data this method suitable to all of us.
Step 1: First step you will download the Aroma File Manager copy into the memory card.
Step 2: Next step you will insert the memory card into your android mobile.
Step 3: And then hold the power key+ volume key for rebooting your mobile.
Step 4: Next click “stock recovery mode”.
Step 5: Now choose the middle key for press up and down volume key.
Step 6: After press “install Zip from memory card” now you will give the path to access the memory card.
Step 7: Now go to setting option in the Aroma file manager.
          Step 7.1: scroll down up to bottom
         Step 7.2: choose “Auto-mount all device on start”
         Step 7.3: Now exit from the settings.
Step 8: Repeat the step 5&6 until the Aroma file manager opened again.
Step 9: And the click Aroma file manager chooses “data folder” navigate through this folder next choose “system folder” and then find “password. Key” or “gesture .key” pattern lock file.
Step 10: Delete the above file from the file manager.
Step 11: Reboot your system, the system will be opened successfully.


Today I did share about the unlock android lock pattern to resolve by using four different methods. Some cases your android mobile has locked at that time don’t get to  be upset, by using any one of the above methods you can recovering your mobile successfully. 


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