Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How to Use the Truecaller for Find the Unknown Callers And Block Callers

Posted by Gopala Krishnan
how to use true caller ,true caller for mobile
The technology gave plenty of application to Android users for various purposes. One of the excellent and more useful applications is True caller apps. Today I will share about how to use the true caller apps in your Android mobile. True caller is named implies that to find the unknown caller name. Nowadays many of the service providers offered free SIM or offered many discounts with low cost. So these reason unknown persons are misused the number send to undisguised or missed calls to us. To avoid the unknown calls we need some application or tools for tracing and blocking the calls came from an unknown number. So this purpose the true caller Scandinavia AB has developed the true caller for a mobile application. The main motto of the application is to find out the name and tracking location who is calling unknown number. You would like to block the calls also easily. Now we are discussing how to use true caller application and also how to check the unknown number in detail.
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How to use the true caller in android mobile:

Step 1: First step you will type the true caller website URL is www.truecaller.com in the label.
Step 2: The web page has shown many links, just click the first link. The true caller home page will appear. then you want to download the apps in your Android mobile.
Step 3: Enter the unknown mobile number, you want search find the name and track the location.
Step 4: And then click the search button.
Step 5: The application will show the name and location of who is calling to your mobile.

How the true caller application working?

how to use true caller ,true caller for mobile
True caller not only stored your mobile contacts it's synchronized all contacts who are download and use the true caller application from social networking sites, mobile apps, SMS sites, etc. It’s one of the most interesting apps for finding unknown numbers. How is it possible?Your friends and relations or anyone who can be using true caller application, they registered their name to a true caller. If an unknown call came from your mobile that will display the name and location from True caller database. The true caller is a very large database to display the name stored in that mobile number.

How to use the true caller in your PC using Blue stacks:

Now we are discussing the true caller PC. You would like to install the true caller to your laptop or PC for windows/MAC OS/ any platform just follow my simple steps. First install the blue stacks app player because true caller PC version not released yet.
Step 1: First step you will download and install the blue stacks, android emulator. Just type the URL is www.bluestack.com in the address bar.
Step 2: After successful installation of the blue stacks android emulator. You have an internet connection just open and type the true caller in the search box.
Step 3: Next click and install the true caller PC application 
Step 4: After some fraction of time true caller can be automatically installed within Blue Stacks.

How to use the true caller in your PC using APK file:

Step 1: Go to Google search engine you will type the link download true caller.apk file.
Step 2: Double click the apk file, open with blue stacks android emulator manually.
Step 3: And then it takes some fraction of time the blue stacks can be installed inside in the apk file.
Step 4: Next you will go to search the true caller application inside in the Blue Stacks.
Step 5: Click and download the true caller application install the application successfully.
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Benefits for true caller online:

o True caller android application is one of the open source free software.
o The incoming call came from anyone user, the true caller application searches the database the           call match into your mobile contacts.
o You would like to block the numbers came from the unknown number.
o The true caller application enables to show the land line number details also.
o The application should synchronize with global (worldwide).So we will get the details about any         foreign calls came from the mobile phone.
o You would like to link your mobile contacts into social networks. You must sign in Facebook,             Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc.


Today we have discussed  how to use the true caller to find and block the unknown numbers in android mobile in detail. This information more helpful and guidance for download for who want to install the true caller apps for both android and PC also.


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