Friday, 6 November 2015

How To Create Shortcut key for my computer with all windows platform[Xp,Wnd 7,Wnd 8]

Posted by Gopala Krishnan
create shortcut key for my computer

Using the keyboard shortcut we can easily and fast perform the operation with using simple pressing the one or more key at a time we can perform this shortcut operation .otherwise going to create an manual shortcut keys with using windows shortcut operation.let's us going to see how to manually create shortcut key for my computer and some  list of shortcut keys in windows platform like shortcut for keyboard,paint shortcuts,word pad keyboard shortcuts ,calculator shortcuts etc.,

How to create shortcut key for my computer?

There are two window shortcut keys are available one is predefined shortcut keys another one is user defined shortcut keys.This predefined keys are common for all windows  operating systems.the user defined means user can create their own shortcut keys.let's see how to create the own shortcut keys for your computer.just follow my steps create your windows shortcut.Here am going to create the shortcut for calculator
Step 1 : goto the windows search box and type calculator
Step 2 : right click on the top of the name displayed as calculator and goto the properties you can see the following wndow
Step 3 : go and choose the option shortcut and click the cursor on shortcut key and press the button CNTL+ ALT+ C .before that it will be displayed as none now it displays like as follows

Step 4 : goto click ok your shortcut key was created go and press the button CNTL+ ALT+ C on your key board your calculator is opened simply.similarly you can going to set what you like to set as shortcut like notepad,internet explorer etc..

How to use predefined shortcut key for my computer?

Basic shortcut keys

 This type of shortcut for keyboard is basic for all windows operating system for opening a file cut,copy and paste shortcut keys etc..,

MS windows shortcut keys

 This type of predefined shortcut in computer is to switching the windows that means swap your two or more windows with using simple keys and also close your current open programs and boot operation shortcut while you are boot an operating system. 

MS Word shortcut keys

While we working in word file use this simple shortcut keys we make our document fast and perfectly.the operations are performing like open,close,cut,copy,find,alignment etc.. 

Excel shortcut keys

It's similarly to the word document shortcut keys but some of the cell operation can be differ like edit cell,spell checker option,open,close,save,undo last etc..,

Conclusion :

  To end of this session all are know about how to create Shortcut key for my computer with two ways of different operating system.


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